On/File: A Continuing Record of Movements, Groups, People and Events Impacting Religion

The Nuns and Nones project attempts to bring the non-affiliated and Catholic sisters into dialogue, activism and social reflection together. While “nones” are a growing and youthful segment of the American population and Catholic nuns are aging and declining in numbers, the project maintains that the two groups share a common social outlook and a concern to translate these values into action. The project is an outgrowth of How We Gather, a Harvard Divinity initiative that explores how Millennials are building communities of meaning outside of religious institutions. Nuns and Nones gatherings are valued by nones, who are involved in social activism but who look to the sisters with their decades of social action experience who are able to sustain themselves spiritually. There is little attempt to recruit for vocations to the diminishing ranks of nuns in these encounters; rather, the emphasis is on learning about the contributions each group can make to each other. The future plans of the group include focusing on immigration and climate change and also exploring the creation of a community where nuns and Millennials can live together. (Source: America, September 17).