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Presbyterian schisms—deeper roots and long time coming

Hundreds of congregations and clergy have left mainline Protestant denominations since 2000. In 2009 the ELCA and in 2011 the PCUSA adopted policies allowing ordination […]

The Kremlin welcomes the Russian Orthodox Church’s anti-Western approach but does not want it to become too influential in determining Russian ideology. // Creative Commons image by Bertknot

The Orthodox Church—a junior if influential partner of Russian State

The Russian Orthodox Church aspires to be the custodian of Russian identity and soul, but the State considers it as a junior partner that should […]

Most of the mid-range sushi Americans consumed is prepared using seafood caught by the Unification Church's fishing interests. // Creative Commons image by Tony Gladvin George

New religious movements shaping American eating habits

Many of the innovations in food that have been introduced by new religious movements  (NRMs) have become so much a part of mainstream America that […]

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Dig in Deeper: Religion Watch Current Research

Current Research: December 2014

01: People tend to think differently about spirituality and God according to what time of the day it is and the activities they are engaged in, according to a study by sociologist Bradley Wright of the University of Connecticut. Wright, who presented a paper at the recent meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of […]

Current Research: November 2014

01: A new study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate confirms the dramatic decline in the number of nuns, including those orders that are traditional, over the past 30 years. The study, drawing on data from the Official Catholic Directory, finds a 72.5 percent decline from a peak total in 1965. While some […]

Current Research: October 2014

01: Although the Emerging Movement has been known for its promotion of diversity and inclusiveness, clergy identifying as Emerging tend to be liberal in their politics, according to a study by Ryan Burge and Paul Djupe. The writers and leaders associated with the EM, known for its postmodern approach stressing community and non-dogmatism, have often differentiated […]