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The social stigma against amateur vocalists might have contributed to the decline of church choirs in the U.S. // Creative Commons image by the More Good Foundation

Church choirs decline, shift toward more participatory mode

In some sectors of American Christianity, choirs are on the downturn, yet this musical form is adapting itself to the new religious landscape, writes Cathy […]

The Grotto of Pan at Banias, Israel, is one of a number of pagan altars in the country. Creative Commons photo by Randall Niles

Israeli pagans face intolerance, ultra-Orthodox hostility

In a country closely connected to its religious legacy such as Israel, Jewish-born Pagans constantly fear the perceived negative consequences of public exposure and intolerance […]

Al-Baraka Bank is one of the few places where Algerians can find Islamic finance alternatives. // Creative Commons image by Magharebia

Islamic finance facing new challenges, going green

Especially since the banking crisis in 2008, Islamic-interest-free financial initiatives have enjoyed renewed interest. However, despite significant inroads over 40 years, there are still a […]

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Dig in Deeper: Religion Watch Current Research

Current Research: October 2014

01: Although the Emerging Movement has been known for its promotion of diversity and inclusiveness, clergy identifying as Emerging tend to be liberal in their politics, according to a study by Ryan Burge and Paul Djupe. The writers and leaders associated with the EM, known for its postmodern approach stressing community and non-dogmatism, have often differentiated […]

Current Research: September 2014

01:  A recent survey finds that 36 percent of  Americans report experiencing or witnessing some form of religious discrimination at work, with nearly half of non-Christian workers (49 percent) reporting so. Tanenbaum’s 2013 Survey of American Workers and Religion finds that almost the same percentage of white evangelicals (48 percent) report experiencing or witnessing religious non-accommodation […]

Current Research: August 2014

01: In a paper delivered at the CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) conference at Baylor University (Waco, Texas) in early June, J. Gordon Melton analyzed atheist groups as organizations similar to new religious movements (without a supernatural component) and the new public presence of atheism on the American scene. Actually, the percentage of […]