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The Catholic New Media Celebration, presented by, brings together fans and producers of new media — blogs, podcasts, and other Internet-based media — and is one of the ways Catholics worldwide are figuring out how to transition from print to digital media. Photo by George Martell

Catholic media struggling with digital publishing, hopes for brand loyalty

The move to online publishing may seem inevitable but will the transition from print to electronic formats adversely affect the loyalty the Catholic media has […]

Joseph's House, in Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana, is a gathering point for Jews in the region. Judaism has grown markedly in the global south, especially in the past 25 years among West African communities. Photo by Aripeskoe2

Global South and Israel becoming crossroads for new Jews

“As Western Jews continue to secularize in their lifestyles and belief systems, the increasing adoption of Judaism by committed practitioners of it in the Global […]

Christian campus organizations, including those at SUNY Buffalo, California State University and Bowdoin College, have lost funding or recognition after they ran afoul of the institutions’ non-discrimination policies. Photo by Jeremy Wilburn

Evangelical student activism sparked by university crackdown on gay rights

A growth of evangelical student activism may be one unintended consequence of the hard-line that universities have taken against conservative religious groups on campus on […]

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Current Research: January 2015

01: The politicization of churches in the last two decades has been viewed as weakening congregational growth and aiding subsequent secularization in American society, but a new study suggests that political involvement by churches can have the opposite effect. Andre Audette and Christopher L. Weaver of the University of Notre Dame presented a paper at the […]

Current Research: December 2014

01: People tend to think differently about spirituality and God according to what time of the day it is and the activities they are engaged in, according to a study by sociologist Bradley Wright of the University of Connecticut. Wright, who presented a paper at the recent meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of […]

Current Research: November 2014

01: A new study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate confirms the dramatic decline in the number of nuns, including those orders that are traditional, over the past 30 years. The study, drawing on data from the Official Catholic Directory, finds a 72.5 percent decline from a peak total in 1965. While some […]