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The Universal Life Church is one of several groups offering on-demand ordination. // Creative Commons image by Chris Conroy

Online ordinations put to unconventional spiritual uses

Online ordinations groups, such as the Universal Life Church (ULC), are branching out from mainly offering the public “priests for the day” for friends and […]

A commemorative banner honoring Mother Teresa hangs on a building in Albania. She is considered a national symbol and her image is widely published throughout the land. // Creative Commons image by Wstuppert

The ‘motherteresafication’ of Albania?

Mother Teresa has become a national symbol of Albania, even though it is a Muslim dominant and secular nation, writes Cecilie Endresen in the journal […]

Congregants worship at the City Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church in Dallas. A growing trend within the SDA denomination is pushing for more evangelical worship expressions. // Creative Commons image by City Temple SDA Church

Adventists’ evangelical temptation

There is a growing clash in Seventh Day Adventism between those who want to move closer to evangelicals in worship style and shared beliefs and […]

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Dig in Deeper: Religion Watch Current Research

Current Research: February 2015

01: The conflict between religion and science in the U.S. is often portrayed as being between conservative believers and secular Americans but a recent study finds that a “post-secular” camp who tend to view both science and religion favorably. The study, conducted by Timothy L. O’Brien and Shiri Noy and published in the American Sociological […]

Current Research: January 2015

01: The politicization of churches in the last two decades has been viewed as weakening congregational growth and aiding subsequent secularization in American society, but a new study suggests that political involvement by churches can have the opposite effect. Andre Audette and Christopher L. Weaver of the University of Notre Dame presented a paper at the […]

Current Research: December 2014

01: People tend to think differently about spirituality and God according to what time of the day it is and the activities they are engaged in, according to a study by sociologist Bradley Wright of the University of Connecticut. Wright, who presented a paper at the recent meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of […]