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Lt. Cmdr. Abuhena M. Saifulislam, one of four Muslim chaplains in the Navy, conducts a prayer session with military and civilian personnel in the Washington Navy Yard Chapel, Washington, D.C. // Public domain image by the U.S. Navy

Diverse chaplaincies seen as military asset

The military is optimizing religious diversity for military priorities and are making chaplaincies an integral part of its efforts to maintain “full-spectrum dominance,” writes Ed […]


Christians play influential role in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong

The burgeoning pro-democracy protest movement that filled the streets of Hong Kong last month showed a significant degree of Christian inspiration and leadership, according to […]

The Stade des Martyrs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was renamed in 1997 to honor Jerome Anany, Emmanuel Bamba, Alexandre Mahamba and Evariste Kimba, who were hanged in 1966 at the current site of the stadium. // Creative Commons image by Tomas

Defining Christian martyrdom down?

There has been a significant shift in the pattern of Christian martyrdom in recent years that highlights the motivations of the killed rather than the […]

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Current Research: November 2014

01: A new study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate confirms the dramatic decline in the number of nuns, including those orders that are traditional, over the past 30 years. The study, drawing on data from the Official Catholic Directory, finds a 72.5 percent decline from a peak total in 1965. While some […]

Current Research: October 2014

01: Although the Emerging Movement has been known for its promotion of diversity and inclusiveness, clergy identifying as Emerging tend to be liberal in their politics, according to a study by Ryan Burge and Paul Djupe. The writers and leaders associated with the EM, known for its postmodern approach stressing community and non-dogmatism, have often differentiated […]

Current Research: September 2014

01:  A recent survey finds that 36 percent of  Americans report experiencing or witnessing some form of religious discrimination at work, with nearly half of non-Christian workers (49 percent) reporting so. Tanenbaum’s 2013 Survey of American Workers and Religion finds that almost the same percentage of white evangelicals (48 percent) report experiencing or witnessing religious non-accommodation […]