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Polling problems pose new challenges in understanding today’s religion

Religious polling is facing the same loss of confidence from the public and other problems as polling in general, but surveys on religion may face […]


Megachurches’ future may be brightest outside US

Megachurches abroad now have the higher average attendance in the world, even though the vast majority of megachurches are still in the United States, reports […]

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Homosexuality raises controversy for the New Apostolic Church

Jean-Luc Schneider, the Chief Apostle of the 10 million-strong New Apostolic Church (NAC), has recently spoken in favor of a more liberal ethical approach toward […]

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Featured Story: God-friendly Buddhists seek to engage Muslims

A new approach in Buddhist-Muslim relations and dialogue is for the Buddhist participants to discuss their equivalent of God in order to relate to Islam on a doctrinal level, writes Kieko Obuse in the journal Numen (62). The trend is not coming from those societies facing Muslim-Buddhist conflict … [Read More...]

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Current Research: August 2015

01: There is still a Presbyterian (or Calvinist) difference at work in the way that these Christians show high levels of optimism, volunteering, happiness and generalized trust, writes William Weston in the social science journal Society (July/August). Weston analyzes recent data from the Presbyterian Panel comparing them with the results of the General Social Survey […]

Current Research: July 2015

01: The idea that personal contact with gays and lesbians will reduce opposition to homosexuality may be valid for many Americans considering the rapid changes in public attitudes regarding gay marriage, but it does not seem to apply to evangelical Christians, according to a study in the Review of Religious Research (June). What is called […]

Current Research: June 2015

01: The recent Pew Religious Landscape Survey has received wide publicity for its findings on the decline of Christians and the growth of the unaffiliated, but the study’s figures on the growth of non-Christian religions are also noteworthy if more complex. According to Pew, Hinduism is now tied with Buddhism as the country’s fourth-largest religion, […]