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Good Samaritan (mural)

The ‘nones’ embracing ‘Good Samaritan ethic’?

The growing attention to non-affiliated often assumes they are biblically illiterate, but many are actually engaged with the Jewish and Christian scriptures, even if in […]

group of women stretching in gym

India investing in secularized Yoga

Like in the West, yoga is becoming increasingly secularized but less for reasons of personal health and wellness than to promote national greatness and unity, […]

Efforts to restore and preserve old Catholic art and architecture in Brittany, France, such as this arch gateway of Saint Salomon La Martyre, have become a substitute for regular practice of the faith.

Brittany’s church art a conduit for new spirituality

The preservation of Catholic art and architecture in Brittany is generating its own kind of spirituality alongside and, in some cases, as a substitute for […]

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Observers suggest that there have never been as many students at Yeshiva, such as those pictured, as there are today, which could be due to the spread of Talmud study. // Photo courtesy of Dollar Photo Club, Kuvien

Featured Story: Orthodox Judaism’s dearth of new luminaries

At a time when Orthodox observance and yeshiva study enjoy unprecedented resurgence across the Jewish world, it is difficult to see clear successors to those (often European-educated) rabbis who defined Orthodoxy in the second half the 20th century, writes Andrew Friedman in The Jerusalem Report … [Read More...]

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Current Research: July 2015

01: The idea that personal contact with gays and lesbians will reduce opposition to homosexuality may be valid for many Americans considering the rapid changes in public attitudes regarding gay marriage, but it does not seem to apply to evangelical Christians, according to a study in the Review of Religious Research (June). What is called […]

Current Research: June 2015

01: The recent Pew Religious Landscape Survey has received wide publicity for its findings on the decline of Christians and the growth of the unaffiliated, but the study’s figures on the growth of non-Christian religions are also noteworthy if more complex. According to Pew, Hinduism is now tied with Buddhism as the country’s fourth-largest religion, […]

Current Research: May 2015

01: Nations that are strongly religious are less innovative in science and technology, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Economists Roland Benabou, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni studied the relationship between religious populations and the rate of patent applications filed by a country’s residents. In both international and cross-state U.S. […]