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Christian Scientists are increasingly crossing denominational lines and engaging in ecumenical outreach.

Christian Scientists’ ecumenical involvement brings changes to faith

Christian Scientists are forging new links with other Christians in such areas as prayer and fellowship since their church has engaged in ecumenical dialogues, according […]

The Twelve Imams, each representing a different aspect of the Universe, is a common Alevi belief. // Public domain image by Naməlum

Alevis’ relations with Turkish government hangs in balance

In the late 2000s, the Turkish government seemed to be on the way to giving public recognition to the significant Alevi minority in Turkey. But […]

Creative Commons image by Point Park Ireland

Ireland’s ‘extra-institutional’ religious turn

While there has been a sharp decline in Mass attendance and religious vocations in Ireland, there is also the emergence of “extra-institutional” religion, which tends […]

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Featured Story: When Muslim converts don’t stay converted

While the number of people converting to Islam in the West is growing, new converts face a variety of significant challenges, both from inside and outside the community, leading a segment to drop out after some time. “Apostates” among converts remains an under-researched and difficult topic, … [Read More...]

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Current Research: September 2014

01:  A recent survey finds that 36 percent of  Americans report experiencing or witnessing some form of religious discrimination at work, with nearly half of non-Christian workers (49 percent) reporting so. Tanenbaum’s 2013 Survey of American Workers and Religion finds that almost the same percentage of white evangelicals (48 percent) report experiencing or witnessing religious non-accommodation […]

Current Research: August 2014

01: In a paper delivered at the CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) conference at Baylor University (Waco, Texas) in early June, J. Gordon Melton analyzed atheist groups as organizations similar to new religious movements (without a supernatural component) and the new public presence of atheism on the American scene. Actually, the percentage of […]

Current Research: July 2014

01: Disclosing one’s faith in applying for jobs may be detrimental for job hunting in the U.S., particularly if you are a Muslim, according to a study by University of Connecticut researcher Bradley Wright. In Christianity Today magazine (June), Wright reports on a study he conducted with Michael Wallace where they created four different kinds […]