On/File: A Continuing Record of Groups, Movements, People, and Events Impacting Religion

ACT for America, a self-proclaimed national security advocacy organization, is now in the spotlight in the Trump era for its anti-Islamic activism. The organization, started a decade ago, has been in the news recently for its advocacy supporting the travel ban targeting several Muslim nations, but its wide ranging agenda on issues regarding Islam has attracted the most attention and criticism. ACT has galvanized its claimed 500,000 “grass-roots warriors” to battle on issues such as Islamic extremism, the alleged attempt to spread sharia law, and the construction of mosques. It presses for groups that practice and advocate sharia to be disbanded and for restricting all Muslim refugees. Its main antagonist is the Council of American Islamic Affairs (CAIR), a Muslim watchdog and defense group that ACT views as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump’s election has buoyed founder Roy White to redouble his efforts in eliminating Islamic influence. Whatever ACT’s influence on the Trump administration, White is trying to add the Muslim Brotherhood to the list of terrorist organizations—a measure that some in the Trump administration have considered. (Source: The Washington Post, February 18).