On/File: A Continuing Record of People, Groups, Movements, and Events Impacting Contemporary Religion

    Source: TS2.

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been imputed with spiritual, even mystical, power by its proponents and critics, Way of the Future is among the first organized religions based on the technology. The church was originally launched by Anthony Levandowski in 2015, while he was working on the self-driving technology Waymo for Google. Levandowski envisioned a religion that would merge AI with spirituality. While the church eventually closed down, Levandowski, who had been prosecuted for theft of trade secrets (and then pardoned by former President Donald Trump), has recently revived the group, and it is reported to have already drawn a “couple thousand people.” Way of the Future plans to serve as a “mechanism” for people to understand and shape the public discourse about this new technology. Levandowski says that AI will have the power to “see everything, be everywhere, know everything, and maybe help us and guide us in a way that normally you would call God.” (Source: ZeroHedge, November 26)