Islamic State’s center of gravity shifts to Yemen?

Yemen is likely to emerge as a center of operations for the Islamic State (IS) once the movement loses its strongholds in Iraq and Syria, especially since the nation plays a significant role in IS’s end-times teachings, reports the Terrorism Monitor (December 15). The newsletter, published by the Jamestown Foundation, reports that the Yemeni affiliate of the IS (IS-Y) is steadily growing in strength, building a strong presence in Sunni areas, while the rest of the terrorist group loses territory, and the group’s affiliate in Lebanon is close to losing its stronghold in the city of Sirte. The collapse of the Yemeni government has presented the IS-Y with the opportunity to brand itself the savior of the Sunnis at the same time that al-Qaida’s leadership in Yemen is increasingly divided.

Yasir Yosef Kuoti writes, “Yemen has great significance to IS apocalyptic worldview. According to some readings of Islamic theology common to both Shia and many Sunni schools of thought, a leading figure by the name of al-Yamani will appear at the end of time to aid the movement of al-Mahdi al-Muntazar in ridding the earth of evil and along with the Messiah…create a universal government compatible with the moral values of Islam…. Al-Yamani is to lead the movement in Saudi Arabia.” Yemen is strategically important for the IS because its proximity to Saudi Arabia could serve as a base “for spreading disorder across the border to the Kingdom.”
(Terrorism Monitor,