Religion Watch looks beyond the walls of churches, synagogues and denominational officialdom to examine how religion really affects, and is affected by, the wider society. For this reason, this resource has been praised by professors, researchers, church leaders, journalists and interested lay people as a unique tool for keeping track of contemporary religion.

It is through monitoring new books and approximately 1,000 U.S. and foreign periodicals (including newspapers from across the country, newsletters, magazines, scholarly journals and the Internet), and through first-hand reporting, that Religion Watch has tracked hundreds of trends on the whole spectrum of contemporary religion.

Published every month, its digital content is unique because it focuses on long-range developments that lead to, and result from, global current events.

Our “Current Research” section provides a continuing roundup of findings on religious behavior and attitudes from a wide variety of sources. We also provide first-hand coverage of major conferences presenting new issues and ideas from religious research.

Religion Watch is independent and unbiased; we do not give readers our views on what is good, bad or dangerous on today’s religious scene. We give you the facts and let you deal with the issues. Each issue lists the addresses and dates of all publications cited so you can do further research on the subjects presented.

Religion Watch does much more than just summarize articles. To provide you with solid background information on the trends presented, we also do research, reporting and analysis on many subjects. A special section in each issue keeps an eye on new books, articles and periodicals in religion. We also profile new organizations and prominent figures that are making an impact on the religious scene.

In addition to featuring the latest issue’s content, ReligionWatch.com also includes a vast archive of more than 1,700 articles published during the past three decades. These articles are searchable by subject, which creates a helpful research tool for students of contemporary religion.

Editor: Richard Cimino
Associate Editor: Jean-Francois Mayer

Religion Watch is published in cooperation with Religioscope Institute