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Religious minorities facing discrimination in Myanmar

Known for its transition to democracy around the charismatic figure of Aung San Suu Kyi, as well as for its ancient Buddhist culture, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has also made headlines in recent years due to severe anti-Muslim violence [see Oct. 2015 RW]. But other religious minorities are also raising the issue of discrimination […]

Findings & Footnotes: February 2016

The title of the new book Religion and Innovation (Bloomsbury, $37.95), edited by Donald A. Yerxa, would no doubt be dismissed as a glaring oxymoron by new atheists and other strong secularists, who argue that religion serves the cause of progress only by accommodating it or, more typically, getting out of its way. But Yerxa […]

On/File: A continuing survey of people, groups, movements and events impacting religion

The Process Church of the Final Judgment, an esoteric religious movement that became defunct during the 1970s, has been partially revived through various online expressions. The church held to a mixture of psychotherapeutic and occult teachings and practices that was in many ways similar to Scientology, although it had a polytheistic orientation. The group did […]