On/File: A Continuing Record of People, Movements, Groups and Events Impacting Religion

º The Robloxian Christians (TRC) is unique for being both a virtual church drawing young people from around the world and for being founded by a teenager. Daniel Herron, 16, of Tacoma, Washington, started the church completely on his own, which is now “attended” by more than 4,500 members who gather at the virtual congregation to worship, pray, and connect with each other. While virtual churches are not new, few have been created by teenagers (actually Herron was a preteen—11—when he started it), and TRC actually morphed from a popular online video game platform for children and teenagers known as Roblox. Today a team of 15 young people who work in groups—via email, text, and in-game chat—and more than 140 volunteers who carry out the various ministries run TRC. TRC is non-denominational and holds worship on Sunday at 5 p.m., which allows both “real-world” churchgoers and non-churchgoers to attend. TRC also offers prayer times and occasional classes. With its emphasis on texting (or “talking” through avatars), TRC speaks the language of teens, but most of the participants interviewed say they like the sense of community and support they find on a site where appearance and other physical traits are not important. (Faith and Leadership.com, August 23).Onfile