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Mochers Magazine, a new Jewish men’s lifestyle publication in the New York-New Jersey area, suggests how consumerism has found a place in the Orthodox community. Mochers seeks to help observant Jews, who are “Conservadox, Modern Orthodox or Yeshivish,” make the best use of their free time, with “premium content by experts in their fields about the rewards that come after a hard week of work and learning.” Mochers promotes “good wine with Shabbat and Yom Tov meals,” and promises that “top specialists in design will show you how to create and furnish places in your home for working and relaxing. Stylists will guide you in choosing the right clothing, from suits to sweats.”

The magazine’s publishing group, Altchies Media Group, said in a statement that “women have magazines they read that help them feel a connection to the Jewish community, but there’s nothing similar representing the average Yosef in regards to things other than business.” Mochers’ publishers say its approach is to highlight “affordable consumption,” an approach that someone who is paying tuition for several children in yeshiva can appreciate. (Source: Jewish Link, February 4).